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Who We Are
Roger St.Clair  (at 21) started out in the music
business by hiring a band to play at a private
birthday gathering. He soon took over managing
their details and they went from earning beer to
play to making $5000 to $8000 in one night, two
weekends a month. He also went to work for Bill
Graham Presents, San Francisco, Rockin Chair
Productions- Fresno and Avalon Concert
Productions-Los Angeles. He also worked for
Limelight Entertainment Booking Agency under
Scott Welch and Clausie Talent Management and
Booking Agency  under Steve Clausman ( while
TESLA was groomed and developed before
signing with Geffen Records) as well as Heathen
before signing with Metal Blade Records.
While in the music business Roger St.Clair (during
the 80's to mid 90's) worked on every tour from The
Judds to the Rolling Stones. From Black Flag and
the Dead Kennedys to Metallica and Ozzie Osbourn
from Run DMC to The Beastie Boys. And most of
the bands in between that was on tour. He toured
the United States as well as Western/Eastern
Europe and the British Isle as a tour manager with
American and German bands and soloist.
Experience-More Detail
Roger St.Clair worked as a Talent buyer for clubs.
He worked as a Booking Agent for Limelight and
Clausie Talent. He worked as a Stage Hand and
Stage Manager for Bill Graham Presents. He
worked as a Stage Hand, Stage Manager and
Production Manager for Rockin' Chair and Avalon
Productions. He has been a Personal Manager to
dozens of music groups and performers.
St.Clair Artist Management
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