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St.Clair Artist Management
PO BOX 152
Brewster, Washington 98812
Phone: 509-679-8298
Fax:      509-689-3247
REFERENCES : Don Weber- Weber Performance
                  Shawn Finkelstein- CEO Events
                  Frank Hanon- Guitarist for TESLA
                  Jeff Keith- Vocalist for TESLA
                  Lee Altus- Guitarist for HEATHEN and EXODUS
                  David White Godfrey- Vocalist for HEATHEN
                  Darrin Minter- Drummer for HEATHEN
                  Eric Frank- Sound Advice and Resonant Audio
                  Jesse Barrera-Sound Advice and Resonant Audio
                  LaVon Gamble- Avalon Music Store Manager
                  Lance Leming- Drummer, Instructor, Avalon Sales
* contact us *
St.Clair Artist Management
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