Let Us Make Your Dreams Come Truee
St.Clair Artist Management is a full service musical talent management
company. We take care of all the details an artist shouldn't have to,
giving them time to dedicate themselves to writing music, rehearsing
and performing their material. We handle everything besides playing
your instrument. We take your worries and make them our own,
providing you with relief from day to day business. We work for you.
St.Clair Artist Management has 30 years in and around the musical
entertainment field. We have handled performances from the club size
to Coliseums worldwide. We know what it takes to put on a show and
make it happen. We can handle all the details for you in artwork,
recording studios, packaging, merchandising, accounting, booking and
search for label representaion.
If You Are:
Real success in the music business depends on Talent and
Management of it. So if you are talented let us help move you up the
road to success.
St.Clair Artist Management
next show:  April 17 @ Puyallup Fair-Chasing Jane
A singer/songwriter, soloist, band or a musician for hire we can
enhance whatever you have going. If you are an established act and
tired of dealing with day to day details we can relieve you. If you are
serious about your craft and future, know that we are as well.
What We are For You
Put Experience To Work For You