Currently Representing The Following Artists

Chasing Jane- Americana Roots Music from Seattle
                               Current Album "Unravelled"
                               In top 20 two charts for 7 weeks

Red Means Go- All American Pop from Ellensburg
                                 Current EP "Sweating out the Sickness"

Suicide Lies- Metal Mayhem from Wenatchee
                            No current album

Sovereign- Hard Rockin' Quartet from BumFuckEgypt
                 No current album

HEATHEN- Headbangin' Thrash Metal
                San Francisco's longtime harbingers of thrash
                Current album "Welcome to Kaos"

BRAD PETTIT and LANCE LEMING- Originators of Background Aura
                                                            Movie and Video Soundtracks

Syn- Acoustical Garden of Pleasure from Bridgeport
       Songs from the 50's 60's 70's 80' 90's and today
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